Making Democracy Work

Convention 2017: Democracy Pass It On

Democracy Pass It On
April 29 - 30, 2017
The Inn at USC in Columbia, SC

Democracy Pass It On
April 29-30, 2017

As the League has long recognized, democracy is not a spectator sport. To thrive, democracy needs an informed and engaged electorate and organizations like the League of Women Voters. Help us strengthen our organization and its future as we look at democracy and how the League can help to pass along our advocacy skills and experience. There'll be excitement galore: setting issue and action priorities, receiving reports from League leaders and study committees, electing a new state board, membership growth awards for local Leagues, Spirit of Democracy awards, guest speakers, workshops, panel discussions. LWVSC Members, their friends, and the public are welcome. (Note: Only members may be voting delegates. Others may attend as non-voting guests.)

Hosted by the Clemson League at the Inn at USC in Columbia, SC
at The Inn at USC - 1619 Pendleton St, Columbia, SC 29201

Rooms can be booked at a discounted convention rate of $125+tax: Call (803) 779-7779 & let them know you are coming to the League of Women Voters of SC Convention.

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Any local LWV member or Member-at-Large from South Carolina is welcome to attend. One of our goals is to have 100% representation from all our Local Leagues and Member-at-Large Units. Again, consider tapping some of your emerging leaders to give them the training and networking opportunities that Convention offers. Non-members are welcome to attend as non-voting observers.

LWVSC Bylaws specify the number of voting delegates that each local League is permitted. This delegate number is based on the official 2017 membership count. Local Leagues assign official delegate status to members, usually at a board meeting. Note that if your League has member(s) who serve on the LWVSC Board of Directors, those members are delegates who represent the state board, and aren't counted against your local League delegate allocation.

We urge your League to fill your quota of delegates. In addition to delegates, members may attend as nonvoting guests. The LWV stands for the active, informed participation of citizens in democratic processes at all levels of government. What better way to exercise that right and responsibility than in the grassroots governance of the League?

LWVSC Bylaws, Article VII, specifies that the Convention shall consist of:

- Delegates chosen by the members of each local League.

- Each League is entitled to at least one delegate; when local League membership reaches 15 voting members, the local League shall be entitled to one additional delegate; thereafter one additional delegate is authorized for each additional ten voting members up to 105 and one additional delegate for each additional 25 or major fraction thereof.

- One voting delegate from each Member-at-Large Unit.

- Members of the State Board.

Note: Local League member count is based on LWVUS records of voting members as of February 1, 2017. Member-at-Large Units may send one voting delegate to convention. Leagues may send an unlimited number of nonvoting observers to convention. Any League member from South Carolina is welcome to attend.

Per Article XIV of LWVSC Bylaws, Bylaws may be amended at a convention by a two-thirds vote provided that the following conditions are met:

a. Proposed amendments must be submitted by a local League board to the state board at least eight weeks prior to the convention recommended by the state board.

b. The presidents of local Leagues and the chairs of MAL units will be notified, and directed to notify their members, of any proposed amendments at least four weeks before the convention.

If your local League would like to recommend bylaw amendments, please send them to Sue Yearwood, Bylaws Committee Chair, at via Sue's email. Deadline for submission is February 27, 2017. Current Bylaws can be found here.