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We sponsor meetings and events for the public and League members

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Saturday, January 27, 2018
10:00 am until 2:30 pm
The South Carolina Education Association
421 Zimalcrest Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29210
League Education and Advocacy Day. League Education and Advocacy Day is one of the League of Women Voters of SC's two big education and advocacy events each year.

2018 will be better than ever with so much to discuss at the state level and so many local redistricting events to share. Speakers include:

Matt Saltzman - mathematician, trained redistricting expert witness, and Clemson League member will talk about redistricting and math.

Laura Hart - one of the attorneys who argued the Abbeville education case will bring us the latest news of the status of our poorest districts and the legislative (non)response to the state Supreme Court.

Lynne Teague - LWVSC's volunteer lobbyist will regale us with the war stories of the V.C. Summers nuclear plant and the Base Load Review Act and the quagmire of regulatory agencies to deal appropriately with this case of mismanagement as well as offer updates on ethics reform and redistricting bills.

Whether you are a longtime League member or an interested South Carolinian who wants to hold government accountable, LEAD 2018 is for you.

Registration information is available on our LEAD 2018 page

Saturday, April 28, 2018
9 am to 3 pm
DoubleTree Hotel in Columbia
2100 Bush River Rd
Columbia, SC 29210
Spring Training and Council. League members across South Carolina meet every even year to adopt a state budget at the State Council meeting and since we are going to be together, why not add some great speakers and training for members and guests.  

Speakers include former SC Senator Joel Lourie talking about redistricting strategy and USC Professor of Political Science, Robert Oldendick, talking about Primary Watching and the Changing SC  Political landscape.  

With the 2018 elections on the horizon and growing numbers of new members, the Doubletree location enables us to break out to attend two of the following sessions:  Ready for the Primaries    Member Engagement and Leadership Development  Redistricting and Fundraising   Planning an Issue-based Program   Proposal to generate plutonium weapon ingredients at SRS President's Roundtable

Great speakers, training, materials, and a buffet lunch for $35. Come join us. Pay in advance through Paypal.

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