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A study of water issues in South Carolina

This two-year study was adopted as a LWVSC study by delegates at the April 2009 LWVSC Convention.

After 18 months of investigation of issues around our state's water supply, the LWVSC Water Resources Study Committee concluded that existing positions of the LWVSC and the League of Women Voters of the United States on water resource issues are adequate to enable the League to take action. The LWVSC 2009-2011 water report "Quenching Our State's Thirst" was completed in the spring of 2011. Copies of the report were distributed at the state convention in May 2011, and will be available at League Leaders Day in August. The report will be disseminated to all state legislators and directors of local municipalities storm water management facilities.

The LWVSC water report is presented as a community service to educate League members, elected officials and general citizenry about water resource issues that are critical to the well being of all who call South Carolina home. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

LWV of Georgetown County Prevails in Setting State Precedent in Wetlands Protection--Article in Sun News, July 13, 2011

April 2009 Panel Discussion--Facing South Carolina's Environmental Challenges
To provide an overview of water issues and how they tie to energy resources, Mullen Taylor, environmental attorney and LWVSC Water Issues Director, facilitated a presentation at convention. She was joined by panelists Colin Hagan, Federal Policy Associate with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and Heather Bergerud Nix, Co-Director Water Program with Upstate Forever. To obtain a copy of their presentations, send an email to the League at