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Voter Access

Voting and Voter Registration

South Carolina citizens are in the process of adjusting to photo ID requirements to vote. The League is active in educating the public, spreading the word that those without one of the required forms of ID can still vote by signing a statement saying that they have a reasonable impediment to acquiring the ID.

Several bills that would adversely affect registration and voting access have been introduced in 2013, and will carry over into the new legislative session that convenes on January 14, 2014.

  • H.3176 would restrict absentee voting. (LWVSC is opposed.)
  • S. 4, S. 67 and S 119 would provide preferable approaches to early and absentee voting. (LWVSC supports.)
  • S.227 would require proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. (LWVSC is opposed.)
  • H.3197 would have the undesirable effect of transferring control of the state elections office to the partisan Secretary of State, rather than the current independent and nonpartisan agency. (LWVSC is opposed.)

LWVSC testimony on those bills follows below.